Prices for Ukrainian sunflower fell after sunflower oil - 13.03.2020

Prices for Ukrainian sunflower fell after sunflower oil - 13.03.2020
Purchase prices for sunflower in Ukraine have fallen by 800-1000 UAH / t to 9400-9800 UAH / t with delivery to the plant following the prices of sunflower oil.
It is reported by Grain Trade.
According to experts, processors have significant reserves of raw materials, so they are in no hurry to buy seeds at high prices amid uncertainty with export prices for sunflower oil.
Demand prices for April deliveries of Ukrainian sunflower oil fell to $ 650-660 per ton FOB, while supply prices remained at a high level of $ 670-680 per ton FOB, and for deliveries to India - at $ 720 per ton FIF, which is $ 50 per ton exceeds the offer price of Argentinean soybean oil.
According to the report, the WHO declaration of the Covid-19 outbreaks of the world pandemic intensified panic in global financial and commodity markets, as a result of which the Dow Jones index fell 5.3%, S & P500 - 4.4%, Nasdaq - 4.7%, and Brent crude oil prices rose 4.3% to $ 34.3 per barrel.
Recall that export quotes for Ukrainian corn came under pressure from a number of factors, including the collapse in oil prices, the strong number of futures, and low external demand amid the spread of coronavirus in the world.