Ukrainian Sunoil Exports - 08.05.2020

Ukrainian Sunoil Exports - 08.05.2020
According to the State Customs Service of Ukraine, in April, 717.4 thousand tons of sunflower oil worth $ 518.5 million were exported, including 647 thousand tons of unrefined and 70 thousand tons of refined.
The April volume of shipments was an absolute record, exceeding the previous maximum achieved in March 2017 by 5% (684 thousand tons in the amount of $ 515 million).
“Compared to March this year export in the reporting month increased by 18%, despite the coronavirus pandemic, which at the same time directly affected changes in the geography of supplies. Thus, exports to India and China decreased by 44% and 32%, respectively, while Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, the UAE and several European countries increased the demand for Ukrainian sunflower oil, ”said Yulia Ivanitskaya, an analyst at APK-Inform.
Since the beginning of 2019/20 MY (September-April), the export of sunflower oil from Ukraine amounted to 4.54 million tons ($ 3.3 billion), which is 9.5% higher than the same period last season (+ 16%).
APK Inform