Oils and Meals

Daniel Trading SA offers, on a regular basis, sunflower oil, sunflower meal, soybean oil and soybean meal on FOB, CIF and CPT terms.                     
                                                                                    Sunflower Crude Oil.Specifications:
     Acid number: mg KOH/g, max 4,
     Impurities: max 0,1%

     Moisture and volatile matter: max 0,2%
     Phosphorous - containing substances calculated as stearo-oleo-lecithin: max 0,8
     Peroxide value: ½ O mmol/kg max 7,0
     Country of origin: Ukraine
    Sunflower Meal.Specifications:
    Protein basis: 36%, min 35%
                    Fiber: max 20%

                    Moisture: max 12%;
                              Ash: max 8,5%
                              Country of origin: Ukraine


Soybean Crude Oil. Specifications: 
Fatty impurities: max 0,2%
Moisture: max 0,2%
Acid number: mg KOH/g, max 4
Peroxide value: ½ O mmol/kg max 5,0
Phosphorous-containing substances calculated as stearo-oleo-lecithin: 4%
Phosphorous-containing substances calculated as P2O5: max 0,4%
Colored number, mg to iodine: max 100
Country of origin: Ukraine
Soybean Meal. Specifications:
Protein: min 46%, basis 47%
Fiber: basis 3%, max 4,5% 
Moisture: max 12%
Sand/ Silica: max 2,5% 
Fat: max 3,5%
Aflatoxin: less than 20 pph 
Ureic activity: 0.02 to 0.2 MGN/G at 30Degrees C by EEC Method KOH: min 78%, max 90%